make me choose (asked by hiddlesdean): sif or natasha

All photos from the "Meet The Actor" The Quiet Ones Q&A [x]

From "George R.R. Martin: The Rolling Stone Interview" 


I don’t know if somebody like Jaime or Cersei can be redeemed. Cersei’s a great character – she’s like Lady Macbeth.

Well, redeemed in whose eyes? She’ll never be redeemed in the eyes of some. She’s a character who’s very protective of her children. You can argue,…


@marvel Flattery will get you nowhere! Probably. Maybe. *looks the other way* 

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I AM CRYING. i’m all for the penguins, but come on the blue jackets gave them a run for their money up until this point. this is just sad

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"There are many ways to feel passion for football, but none that can compare with supporting Real Madrid." | ¿Qué significa ser del Real Madrid?